Today Xamarin announced that latest edition of its Studio 6.0 is now available for developers. This new release contains many new features and big enhancements.
Xamarin studio type system is now based on Roslyn, which is Microsoft open source .NET compiler. This release introduces a completely revamped project model which has a deeper integration with MSbuild. Company has also implemented new look for Xamarin studio. It has a more modern style, a dark theme.
Below are the contents of the change log.

What’s new in latest update

• Roslyn integration
• New Project Model
• New visual style and Dark theme
• F# Enhancements
• 64bit build on Mac
• NuGet
• Android
• Android Designer
• iOS
• iOS Designer
• tvOS
• Mac
• Insights
• Text Editor
• Debugger
• Version Control
• Profiler
• Other Improvement s and Bug Fixes
• Changes Since Last Preview

For detail change log, hit following link to see.
Detail Change Log For Xamarin Studio 6