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Xbox One Full DELTA and OMEGA Rings Build (1710.171009-1720) Now Available. Full Changelog

Xbox One X Standard Edition

Microsoft has rolled out a new Windows 10 Build for those in Xbox One Preview Delta (full) and OMEGA Rings. The Build version is rs3_release_xbox_dev_1710.171009-1720 and it is available from 2:00PM PDT 10/11 (9:00PM GMT 11/10).

Coming to what this build brings, we can see, new features, fixes, and known issues in the changelog shared officially. This build brings many fixes and performance improvements.

Build 1710.171009-1720 Changelog:


• Customize your Home

The look, feel, and movement of the dashboard has been updated to focus on speed, customization and expression. Now you can customize your Home screen to be uniquely yours and view all the things you love at-a-glance. Have a favorite game or friend? Add them to Home! Select the game or friend of your choice, press the Menu button on your controller, and select “Add to Home.” This creates an entire block of content that can be moved up or down—or removed altogether, should your interests or habits change. These content blocks will evolve over time based on the things you like to do. For example, adding a game to your Home screen may pull in an Activity Feed post from the developer, show you when your friends are playing that game online, suggest your next Achievement, or provide a quick shortcut to the Game Hub for that title.

• Effortless Guide Navigation

With this update, it’s faster than ever to switch between tabs in the Guide so you can join up with friends, broadcast, switch between apps, and get back Home. New tab flyouts make it easier to see more content quickly, too. The new guide layout quickly gets you to the things you care about, so you never miss a moment. It’s now even easier to switch between apps or get back to Home, and the new layout will enable you to quickly jump to different tabs using the left thumbstick, d-pad, or bumpers on your controller. Sign-in, Achievements, multiplayer (including parties, Looking for Group, and tournaments), people, Home and recent, messages, broadcasts and captures, and a new action center (including settings) also each have their own tab in the new guide.

• Copy and Move Content with Ease

We’ve made it significantly easier to copy and transfer games/apps between external hard drives! All you need to do is follow these simple steps: 1. Navigate to Settings > System > Storage.
2. Select a connected hard drive. 3. Use the “Transfer” option to move content between hard drives. Using this feature you can move games and apps one at a time or in bulk using the “Select all” option.

• Avatars on Home

See your friends represented as avatars on your Home. New blocks you’ve added, callouts for games friends are playing, and more on your Home screen will now feature today’s animated avatars.

NOTE: After gathering some great feedback, we’re going to take a little more time to test and refine the experience for the redesigned, new Xbox avatars. We’re eager to hear about your new experiences testing the placement of today’s avatars on the Home screen. We’ll take your feedback to heart as we continue working on the redesigned, new Xbox avatars, and keep you updated on the roll out.

• Never Miss Out!

You’re here to play, but sometimes have to step away from your Xbox. We’ve enhanced the notification system when your Xbox is idle so that time-sensitive activities are visible from far away. Whether you’re still in the room or taking the dog out for a walk, your Xbox will keep you instantly up-to-date. At a glance, you’ll know if your friends have come online while you were away or if you’ve been invited to play. You’ll never miss out on what’s going on with your friends, clubs, broadcasts, and more.

We’ve also updated the screen-dimming functionality to better prevent screen ghosting, both when the screen is dimmed and when it’s showing enhanced notifications.

• Backup Settings

Streamline setup on a new console by backing up your account and key system settings to an external games & apps storage device. Plug the storage device in your new console before setting up to transfer your backed up settings. To access these features, open the Guide and navigate to System > Settings > System > Backup & transfer.

• Languages

Arabic and Hebrew language support are enabled for all Preview users.

• Pins

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re increasing the number of Pins that you can have to 40. All these pins will appear in the Pin block on Home, as well as the pins flyout in the new Guide. This change gives you more control than ever before over what you have pinned and faster access to it.

• Home

• Upvoting and downvoting on the two discovery slots to the right of Resume with the menu button now provide you more control over what activities show on Home. At a glance, you’ll be kept up to date on the things you never want to miss out on like LFG’s, friends broadcasting, friends online, achievement status, and more. Also, we’ve started the first of multiple rounds of tuning, so look for these to continue improving over time.

• Mixer

• The Broadcast tab in the guide is redesigned and includes more info about your Mixer account including Level, Sparks, Total Views, Mixer channel pic, and more.

• Mixer broadcasters can now broadcast at up to 1080p. No need to change anything in settings, when you start the broadcast we automatically check your bandwidth to optimize quality.

• Guide

• Active parties and broadcasting sessions are now easier to manage than ever. Similar to background audio, active party and broadcast management now show up on the Guide landing page for quicker and easier access.

• You might have noticed we are making it easier to discover Tournaments so you can quickly find the action via Guide.

• Game Hub

Going to the Game Hub for your favorite games now takes you to the new Game Hub Welcome tab. The Welcome tab features a summary of all the great content around the game in one page. See what achievements you’re closest to, which friends are playing, popular community content and more.

• General

Navigation is clearer with new visual updates that include showing you a peek at what’s below Home, making the focus rectangle more visible in the Guide, and more.


• Tournaments

• The left and right navigation for selecting date and time during Tournament creation is currently reversed when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.

• Left and right navigation in Tournament twists is reversed when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.

• Left and right navigation in the bracket view of Tournaments is reversed when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.

• Netflix

When using Hebrew language, Netflix fails to launch. A fix for this issue will be available soon.

• Avatars on Home

Users wishing to represent themselves as an avatar can do so by changing their settings under My profile > Customize profile > Show my avatar.

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