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Xiaomi Mi Mix comes bundled with Cortana

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After the patent agreement back in June,  it seems Microsoft and  Xiaomi are getting ready to offer Chinese users a full suite of office applications include Cortana. Chinese Smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi has pre-installed Cortana personal assistant on their newly launched Mi Mix smartphone alongside Office, Skype and OneDrive.

Unlike Samsung and Lenovo, which are too offering some Microsoft apps from the store, Xiaomi becomes the first Android manufacturer to take the step.

In case you are not aware, Cortana is available on all major platforms including iOS, apart from Android and Windows. This will eventually lead to a stronger competition between Google Now and Cortana at-least on the Xiaomi’s Mi Mix smartphone.

Currently, the pre-installation of Cortana and the other Microsoft apps viz Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, is limited to Xiaomi exclusively on the Mi mix.

Microsoft with the Anniversary update on Windows 10 added notification syncing for Cortana on Android, so you never a miss a notification.

Also, Cortana is now able to manage to-do lists for you across Windows, Android and iOS.


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