Microsoft may be planning to revamp the Your Phone app UI in near future. A leaked image shows a compact UI, new action toggles and Wi-Fi/Mobile signal strength indicators coming to Your Phone.

Coming to details, now. A leaked image posted on Twitter shows that Your Phone app sport a new compact UI in future. The app will also get new quick-action toggles that will allow one to toggle on and off smartphone features like Bluetooth, Don’t disturb, volume control and audio. Probably more quick-action toggles may be there but the leak doesn’t reveal that yet.

The image also reveals Wi-Fi/Mobile signal strength indicators apart from the Battery level coming to Your Phone. Check the featured image above that reveals these upcoming changes. It is not clear yet when these changes will be rolled-out to users.

The account that posted this image confirmed that his PC is still on Windows 10. So, probably this new UI and action toggles will come to both Windows 10 and Windows 11 in future.