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Hello Kitty theme pack arrives on Actiongram app for HoloLens

Hello Kitty

Actiongram enables new forms of storytelling. With Actiongram, you can use your HoloLens to record mixed reality videos and share them with your family and friends, online! With the latest update, Microsoft is introducing Sanrio’s Hello Kitty on Actiongram. The new Hello Kitty theme pack for Actiongram features fourteen Hello Kitty

Microsoft is celebrating 15 years of .NET, Happy Birthday .NET!


On February 13th, 2002, Microsoft released the first version of .NET which was released as part of Visual Studio.NET. Microsoft's .NET has since then unleashed a new set of productivity building the “Next Generation Windows Services”. Over the past 15 years, .NET technology has transformed over to become a platform in itself

Microsoft’s UWP Community Toolkit hits major release with v1.3.0

uwp community toolkit

Microsoft has released a major new update for UWP Community Toolkit. The UWP Community Toolkit is your best friend in case you are developing for the Universal Windows Platform. It consists of a bunch of helper functions, custom controls, and app services that simplifies and demonstrates common developer tasks when creating UWP apps

Download/Watch the Windows Developer Day Keynote right here!

Windows Developer Day

Microsoft's Windows Developer Day keynote is now available for online viewing or download. At the Windows Developer Day, Microsoft shared what’s new for developers in the Windows 10 Creators Update and what it means for your apps and games, and more about Microsoft’s latest developer products. So, if you are a developer, building

Microsoft announces new Bot Framework features and updates

Bot Framework

Microsoft's Bot Framework enables you to build and connect intelligent bots for your business to interact with your users naturally wherever they are. You can serve the bot from your website or app to text/SMS, Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Office 365 mail, Teams and other popular services. The company yesterday introduced

Windows 10 Creators update to further escalate real-time communications (WebRTC 1.0) in Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 SDK

With the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft Edge will receive a huge attention, features like plugin-free, interoperable video communication solutions across browsers and platforms. This has been possible since Microsoft Edge will enable the next generation of real time communications (RTC) with WebRTC 1.0 and support for the H.264/AVC and VP8 video codecs. Microsoft is