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IDC: 43.3 mn Windows Phone may be shipped in 2014, 65.9 mn in 2015. Predicts 6-7% market share in 2018

IDC has released its smartphone sales volume predictions for the period of 2014-2018. They predict Windows Phone sales volume of 43.3 million units in 2014. With Q1 volume estimated to be close to 8 million units, it seems IDC expects sales of 35 million windows phone devices during rest of

Microsoft demos awesome Skype’s real-time “Star Trek” language translator

This is very well an awe-inspiring breakthrough and the proof of its big importance is the presence of Microsoft' CEO during its demo. Microsoft has demoed real-time Skype language translator which it has mentioned as "Star Trek" language translator. This may make conversations among different geographies / regions much easier

Here is where to catch the Surface Tab announcements today

  Today is May 20th and many of you would be really looking forward to the Microsoft event today. Surface mini and Surface Pro 3 with 12-inch display can be unveiled during today's event. So, in case you are wondering where to catch the event today, then here are the details, Webcast link Timings:

New Windows Phone 8.1 update: Installation experience & changelog ?

So, Microsoft has started rolling out an update to devices running Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview. This update takes the Windows Phone 8.1 OS version to 8.10.12382.878. So, here is the update installation experience and what we can find as new or changed. Installation: First things first, please make sure you have

Nokia Camera Beta vs Nokia Camera comparison. New Lumia Cyan imaging algorithms shine!

We reported that Lumia Cyan will bring new imaging algorithms resulting in updated camera sensitivity, noise reduction algorithm improvements and color management. With yesterday’s released Nokia Camera Beta you can experience the imaging improvements promised with Lumia Cyan already. While for experiencing some of the improvements with Nokia Camera Beta