Microsoft has introduced one of the best features for Office users on Windows Desktop,  in the Fast and Slow Ring of the Office Insider program.

The latest update brings 3D model support in PowerPoint 2016, Word 2016, Excel 2016 and Outlook 2016 for Windows Desktop.

It is available for Office Insider Fast starting in Version 1707 (Build 8319.1000) and Office Insider Slow starting in Version 1708 (Build 8326.2033).

You can use 3D models to increase the visual and creative impact of your documents, presentations and reports. In addition, bring 3D models to life in your presentations with the Morph transition to create cinematic animations between slides.

Watch this feature in action

Adding a 3D model to your presentation is as easy as adding photo or video. Just go to the Insert tab and you can see the 3D Models button. You can insert the creations you build in Paint 3D, models from the Remix 3D community, and any other models you might have.

The ability to insert 3D models directly from Remix 3D (the new online community for finding, uploading, and sharing 3D models) using the Insert tab in Office is coming soon.

Once you insert a 3D model, you can see a new 3D rotation handle to rotation the model to different angles.

Watch this feature in action

Also, check out the new 3D Model Tools Formatting tab. It provides additional functionality like Pan & Zoom to focus on a particular component of the model. The handle on the right of the model zooms the model, and the dragging the model in this mode pans it. There is also 3D Model Views to snap the model to specific views.