We already know Microsoft’s aim is to make sure that every organisations in the world are getting most productivity with the different strategies of Microsoft. As part of that we have seen many such collaboration of Microsoft with many major companies. Some examples are Microsoft band integration for Volvo cars , Surface usage in Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits company etc.

Now Microsoft makes another history page by helping ExpressJet Airlines to ditch their 50 pounds of paper. Wondering how ? Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 replaces their heavy bags of Pilots. That bag, carried in addition to their luggage, can weigh up to 50 pounds and contains aeronautical navigation charts and flight manuals. Once at the airport, pilots head to the crew lounge to dig through another bin full of charts to update their manuals. Sometimes that process can take one to three hours prior to a flight. Then once on the plane they flip through the binder to find the ones they need for their flight, and use the charts in the air. Now things are changed, Microsoft imparts productivity to ExpressJet Airlines Pilots. With the Microsoft Surface 3 ‘Electronic Flight Bag’ (EFB) using Windows 10 pilots can get rid of the burden. Nearly 4,000 ExpressJet pilots are now using the EFB solution on Windows 10 and can officially access up to 50 pounds worth of navigation charts at the tip of their fingers on their Surface 3 devices.

ExpressJet Airlines Airplain captain  Renee Devereux says :

“Using Windows 10 EFB has increased situational awareness. It helps us in the flight deck to not have to fumble through our bags to find time-sensitive information during critical phases of flight.”

The combination of a Microsoft Surface running Windows and the latest Jeppesen software is dominating the electronic flight bag (EFB) space.These type of new innovations will increase the reputation of Microsoft products once again.

Watch the new official video also.