Time for some important apps update!!

6snap, the awesome SnapChat application from Rudy huyn has been updated with CloudSix (the recently release DropBox client) integration.


include CloudSix features :

– select a picture or a video from CloudSix (Dropbox)

– save your videos on CloudSix (Dropbox)

Angry Birds, Star war has been updated with fixes and performance improvements.  Crazy racer 3D has been updated with improved control experience. MetroTube has also seen an update which fixes its usability yet again.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star has also been updated and here is the changelog,

The quest to build the largest Death Star continues in the newest update!

NEW FEATURE: SALVAGE DROIDS! Do the Emperor’s bidding, and send Salvage Droids on missions deep into the galaxy to collect valuable resources for your Death Star. Collect exclusive floors, characters, and other rewards that you can’t obtain anywhere else!

Click on the direct links below to update the apps,


Angry Birds

Crazy Racer 3D


Star Wars: Tiny Death-star