Microsoft today announced a couple of new features for its Onedrive cloud service. Company has implemented some novel features to the service like improved search, automatic albums, Pokémon search and much more.

Automatic Albums
Microsoft is implementing a new algorithm by which OneDrive will detect your capturing photos time and according to that scenario it will sort out all your photos and make a complete album of it. And this will happen automatically once you start taking photos.
Along with Microsoft is also making some drastic and cooler changes to its album UI. Company making a thumbnail image more bigger so that it will clear to the user and will look good.

OneDrive Search
Microsoft is making available a awesome features for the search. Company has added ability to find photos through emojis or by location of photos, which is great to know.

“On this day” feature
This feature is quite interesting and looks amazing from it words (at least). This feature will show up the photos that you have took last year for that day. So that your old good memories will be fresh up.

Pokémon Go feature
This days are the gaming days because everyone (mostly) is addicted to Pokémon Go and also Microsoft is aware of that and that’s why they are implementing the new feature to their OneDrive service for the gamers. There is new Pokémon go detector feature which will scan all your photos and will put those photos in new album in which OneDrive finds the Pokémon in pic.

So this are the new features are rolling out to the users through OneDrive mobile apps and online service.
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