As you know that Microsoft is working on introducing many new features for its Microsoft Photos app. Now once again in the preview, there are many new features coming to Microsoft Photo app for Windows 10 devices.

Some new features are already being tested with help of Insider users subscribed to the fast channel, others, however, are still being tested within the Microsoft Photo team, which is hidden from users.

Check out the probable Changelog below:


This feature allows you to conveniently consult all the documents, applications and services used in chronological order and start them with a simple click. What if we told you that the Timeline bar is also coming to Microsoft Photos? Yes, the Photo system application will receive its “timeline” that will allow users to scroll through their images and videos in a chronological order. By dragging the bar down, Microsoft Photos will show you the images of the specific month and year: the more you scroll down, the fewer images and videos will be displayed.

Note: The Timeline bar will also be present in the photos of individual contacts!

Renewed gallery

We had already anticipated it at the end of the year, now we can confirm that the development has almost been completed and that the Insiders, first of all, will be able in the next days to start testing the new tunnel experience completely renewed.

Audio renewed

Another exciting novelty coming soon on Microsoft Photo is the new “Audio” section: Microsoft has finally combined the “Audio Rule” and “Music” voices under one option, but it is not limited to this. Internally Microsoft is testing the new feature “Add audio commentary” that allows you to add personal audio files in your video creations: you can, for example, customize the background music, add your personal comment recorded with the appropriate system app “Voice recorder” etc. etc.

3D Paint integration

Another little news coming up with the next versions of Photo is the integration with Paint 3D, the editing application of Windows 10. You can easily edit your images by clicking on “Edit with Paint 3D”.

All of these features are rumoured to debut sometime in the coming days.