There were rumors circulating that Microsoft might come up with a Control Centre design overhaul. What we did not know back then was the date and in which build Microsoft planning to bring the change. A recent patent filed by Microsoft gives us some details about the UI refreshment which is going to be the successor of the current Control Centre on Windows 10.



As we can see the patent clearly suggest that you can move the interface control in wherever you want. In layman’s terms, suppose you want your nice little battery control interface on the control center rather on the taskbar and vice-versa, you can easily do that. Now here is the fun part: Not just the battery icon you can play it with almost any control surface you want. Like for example, you can also place the Power Management control right on your desktop screen. Long story short, the new Control Centre is a lot more flexible than what we have today on Windows 10.

If you carefully look into those images I guess you are thinking: Man! this looks an awful lot like the notification center on today’s smartphone. Well, maybe you are right. This can be taken as one of the proofs among others that Microsoft is quite serious about mobile PCs. Having said that, there are a lot of places in Windows 10 that Microsoft needs to work on in order to make Windows 10 an OS which behaves like a mobile PC. The good news is the company is getting there.

Please note that we still don’t know when Microsoft plans to bring the change. But we can safely say that it is not coming in this year. Means that we might finally see the change come to life sometime next year.