This Windows 10 re-design concept video is simply beautiful. Microsoft, take a look

Some Windows 10 concepts are really beautiful while some are comprehensively done and some are both beautiful and comprehensive. The Windows 10 re-design concept featured in the video below is really beautiful and covers most of the important parts of Windows 10 UI/UX. Some of...

This Windows 10 concept inspired by Windows 10X is one of the most beautiful ever

Windows 10X, the latest Windows iteration meant for foldable dual-screen devices, has succeded in capturing imagination of the Windows users with its modern and beautiful look. Now a Twitter user who goes by the name vGLAD has posted an awesome Windows 10 concept which...

A new patent gives us a glimpse of what the new Control Centre on Windows 10 might look like in future

There were rumors circulating that Microsoft might come up with a Control Centre design overhaul. What we did not know back then was the date and in which build Microsoft planning to bring the change. A recent patent filed by Microsoft gives us some...

Surface Phone Gaming & Laptop mode concept images based on the Patented 3D renders

You may remember these Surface Phone/Andromeda concept images now being used widely on blog-o-sphere. These concept images were created by designer David Breyer and were based on the Surface Andromeda device 3D renders from recently granted Microsoft patents. Now, the designer has posted interesting concept images of Surface Phone...

Intel gives us a glimpse of what Andromeda Foldable device might look like

Image by: Mark Hachman / IDG
Intel is reportedly working on an Andromeda like folding device code-named Tiger Rapids which is solely focused on productivity. Much like Microsoft's Andromeda, this will have a digital journal which will be one of its enticing features. According to PC World, Intel has been...

Check this Surface Phone/Mobile Andromeda concept based on 3D renders from the latest patents

We recently reported the Surface Phone/Mobile aka Surface Andromeda device 3D renders from recently granted Microsoft patents. These 3D renders look quite ready and almost finalized in terms of overall design and even delving into details of components like display, USB and types of...

This Surface Phone/Mobile concept is dope with a truly foldable display

We have been reporting many Surface Phone/Mobile/Note concepts and each of them brings something unique and different from others. But not all concepts both appeal and also represent the rumored/leaked design and OS tidbits effectively at the same time. The concept that we are posting today...

This Surface Note concept has foldable Surface Phone with note taking & pen in focus

Time to have a look at this Surface Note concept that has become more relevant with Microsoft reportedly working on a foldable Mobile form-factor. We reported about some features/specs/UI design details about Surface Phone/Mobile exclusively. We also shared about how the Surface Mobile will...

Check these Surface Phone (Surface Mobile) concepts in weekend watch

Surface Phone aka Surface Mobile is/are mobile devices Microsoft is working on under the Andromeda project. It is supposed to run on yet another refresh for Windows Phone, known as Andromeda. Windows 10 Mobile is dead but Windows 10 for Mobile is alive we...

Watch this interesting One Windows for All devices concept with redesigned UI (Project Neon)

We have been posting many Windows 10 Mobile concepts in past and some of them were really very cool. Nowadays we hear more about convergence of all forms of Windows to "OneCore" both officially and via rumors. This may be possible via a composable...

New Windows 10 Mobile concept has redesigned UI with elements from Project Neon

The debate over "Whether Windows 10 Mobile is dead" won't be settled until the time when Build numbers for Redstone 3 are aligned across PC and Mobile. But that doesn't stop Windows 10 Mobile fans in re-imagining their favorite OS with new design elements...

New Windows 10 Mobile concept has some refreshing UI changes

Time and again we have been posting some nice looking Windows 10 Mobile concepts and here is a new one that looks refreshing. At a time when Microsoft has not brought any major UI change in Creators update everyone is expecting some features like...


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