You may remember these Surface Phone/Andromeda concept images now being used widely on blog-o-sphere. These concept images were created by designer David Breyer and were based on the Surface Andromeda device 3D renders from recently granted Microsoft patents.

Now, the designer has posted interesting concept images of Surface Phone gaming and Laptop modes. If you remember we had exclusively reported about Laptop, Tablet and Mobile modes of the Surface Phone. The gaming mode while never revealed in a patent or otherwise looks quite interesting.

Surface Phone/Andromeda leaks are now coming faster as we approach closer to the intended launch of both Andromeda device and the Andromeda OS that powers it. The recent teaser by none other than Panos Panay has just stirred the Microsoft fans even more.

Surface Phone/Andromeda device Features, Specs, UI & other details:

You can read our exclusive coverage of Surface Phone/Mobile top features/specs/UI design, photos & other details here. We last reported exclusively that Surface Phone launch would be aligned with Redstone 5.

We have so far developed a good understanding of Surface Phone/Surface Andromeda device design on the basis of patents that reveal too much. With Andromeda appearing as one of the SKUs of Windows Core OS in latest Windows 10 Preview builds. it seems Microsoft may be finally on track to a 2018 launch for both Andromeda OS and device.

We posted some evidence that shows that Microsoft is already working to curate Apps collections for the Surface Phone/Mobile. We had exclusively reported that 2018 may see Surface Mobile (Surface Phone) & Windows mobile devices from top vendors too. In a recent poll, our readers selected Surface Phone as the most appealing name for the ultimate mobile device from Microsoft. Surface Mobile and Note names came at 2nd and 3rd rank.