Now that Redstone 5 is approaching fans are eagerly waiting for the device they have long been hearing about. We reported earlier that we would see a Foldable device from Microsoft this year running some form of Windows 10 with Composable Shell or CShell. On Twitter Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay shared an interesting image of a hinged dual display frame which fueled the Surface phone rumor.

What is interesting here is that Panos has a great admiration for LG. The reason? The Chief Product Officer is impressed with LG’s display. This should not surprise us at all as we all know how good LG is in achieving great engineering with their displays. It is not just Microsoft who has all praise for LG displays, Apple also secretly admiring their achievement by slapping LG OLED display for their upcoming iPhone X. In his Twitter handle Panos wrote:

Do you think they got the resemblance right?
Huge thanks to LG Display for the awesome caricature. #nailedit

We have earlier came across patents of Surface Phone spotting an OLED display. And who can be better than LG to supply the quality OLEDs for a Surface Phone? Although Panos did not confirm the news by any means, it is the fans who are speculating about LG’s involvement. Anything related to Surface Phone a.k.a. Andromeda is still not officially confirmed by Microsoft which is quite obvious at this point. Then why we are talking about things that are half-baked? Well, Microsoft is currently testing Windows 10 with Insiders for their next public release sometime in September 2018. It is the insiders who dig deep into builds to found out more and more stuff hinting at a dual-screen device with a hinge.

We will learn more and more about this thing in coming days. We believe the official announcement to come out sometime in October.