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Microsoft almost created a dual-display smartphone back in 2015, suggests recent leaks

Microsoft's take on smartphones was controversial. The company, however, announced the death of Windows Phone citing lack of developers supports for the Windows Phone ecosystem a few years back. Even though the company was...

Panos Panay says no to Surface Phone but promises new Surface form-factors

It seems that Microsoft and phones have a love-hate relationship. Although the company failed in the mobile business, rumors about a possible surface branded phone never stop coming. Whatever the reason, with Surface brand...

Surface phone delayed, the dream of a pocket PC witnesses a pushback

Microsoft's project Andromeda which is also known as a Surface phone is reportedly delayed. We claimed that the mythical device would make its appearance sometime in October. Now another report suggests that the project...

Panos Panay hints at foldable surface phone. LG may supply displays

Now that Redstone 5 is approaching fans are eagerly waiting for the device they have long been hearing about. We reported earlier that we would see a Foldable device from Microsoft this year running...
Image by: Mark Hachman / IDG

Intel gives us a glimpse of what Andromeda Foldable device might look like

Intel is reportedly working on an Andromeda like folding device code-named Tiger Rapids which is solely focused on productivity. Much like Microsoft's Andromeda, this will have a digital journal which will be one of...

New Surface Phone/Andromeda patent details the free-stop 360-deg Hinge & why dual-display devices are...

The ultimate mobile device from Microsoft is nearing its development with latest patents revealing the near-final details of the foldable Surface Mobile/Phone Andromeda device. Earlier a Microsoft patent revealed 3D renders, OLED display and...


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