Microsoft’s take on smartphones was controversial. The company, however, announced the death of Windows Phone citing lack of developers supports for the Windows Phone ecosystem a few years back. Even though the company was well aware of the fact that Windows Phone was going nowhere, it did not stop them from doing something different. Microsoft recently showed off a demo of a device that looks a lot like a foldable dual-display device but unlike Andromeda, you have a screen cover that acts as a display here. Rumour has it that the device has already been made back in 2015 when the Lumia 950XL was released.

As it was in the case of Andromeda, this device also focusses on some of the limitations that the current smartphones have, the core purpose of such a device is to help customers be more productive.

“We describe a concept smartphone Display Cover, a secondary screen designed to improve productivity and convenience. Motivated by user research highlighting some of the limitations of current smartphones, the aim of this concept was to explore a practical solution which allows users to be more productive” says Microsoft Research.

Even though Microsoft press a restart button on the development of Andromeda, demo like this which are actually coming from the horse’s mouth buttresses the claim that Microsoft indeed made some progress with the device. However, this device is not making a return as the Redmond giant has already built something more advanced than that.