Last few months have been full of gloom and doom for Windows Mobile fans and for also those Microsoft fans, who want Microsoft to do something significant in the field of mobile. While things may not change dramatically in short-run, fans may have something to cheer for in second half of 2018, reveal our sources.

What we hear from our sources is both exciting and then exasperating at the same time. Microsoft is certainly working on new first-party mobile hardware that will be powered by the Andromeda or Windows 10 on ARM with CShell. You can read more about Andromeda here. What is even better is that even some top Windows vendors like HP, Dell and Lenovo are actively involved or will soon join Microsoft in bringing innovative Mobile hardware powered by Andromeda.

But what is not so exciting here is the timeline that we hear about when we can expect Microsoft to make anything official. You can’t expect to hear anything in this regard before the second half of 2018. Microsoft will make Surface Mobile (Surface Phone) official first followed by the vendors in coming months.

While Microsoft hasn’t confirmed or denied anything about its future plans for Mobile, a recent job opening revealed that it was actively working on Windows Mobile platform. The job opening was for people, who can contribute to a wide range of Windows Mobile platform features and also own the partner management for device launch and support.

We earlier reported about Surface Mobile Devices “Surface Peking & Surface Slavonia” leak in an official video description in China. So, may be we will have two slightly different designs for both Surface Peking & Surface Slavonia. Read our full Surface Mobile Phone coverage here.

We reported about the leak of Surface Mobile devices Surface Peking and Surface Slavonia in an official video description. These mobile devices offer a hinge angle support of up to 185 degrees and also from description looks like capable of supporting handheld / Tablet / Desktop use. We heard it from none other than the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella himself that Microsoft is looking beyond ordinary smartphones available today and that a new Mobile form-factor is under testing.