Microsoft releases stable Edge 104 to everyone. Full changelog

Microsoft has released a new update of the Edge browser for everyone using stable browser. The version 104 of Microsoft Edge brings new features and few new policies. Coming to details now, the Edge 104 brings improvements to security on the web. "edge://settings/privacy" now includes...

Microsoft Edge 102 brings improved performance & a reduced footprint

Microsoft Edge Dev Update
Microsoft Edge users will soon enjoy improved performance and a reduced storage footprint while browsing. This has been possible because starting Edge version 102, the browser will automatically compresses disk caches. Microsoft has announced this in an official blog post. The compression of Disk cache...

Microsoft Edge version 104 lands in Beta channel. Full changelog

Microsoft has released version 104 of its Edge browser to those enrolled to Beta channel. The Edge Build 104.0.1293.14 brings many new user policies along with itself. The new policies may enable Edge mini menu, allow import of data from other browsers on launch,...

Microsoft Edge gets Windows 11 Mica material in Vertical Tabs too

Microsoft has been updating its Edge browser with the Windows 11 specific design elements including Mica. It has now added the Mica material to even the Vertical Tabs in Canary channel. Microsoft enthusiast account Firecube has shared a screenshot on Twitter. The screenshot below reveals...

Microsoft to add a Sidebar in the Edge browser, a leaked image reveals

Microsoft may be planning to add a new Sidebar to the Edge browser. A new leaked image reveals the existence of the sidebar that looks good and like a redesigned version of existing Edge bar. Coming to details now, a new image leaked on Twitter...

Microsoft releases Edge 99 with many new features & improvements to Stable channel

Microsoft has released the version 99 of its Edge browser to the Stable channel. The Edge version 99 brings many new features and improvements with itself. The major new features and changes include ability to personalize their multi-profile experience, navigating through PDF documents using thumbnails...

Successfully e-sign EPFO nominations using Microsoft Edge IE mode

In India EPFO website run by the government provides various services related to PF. The users with a PF account and valid activated UAN can use this site to do many things including e-nomination. The e-nomination however is not being successful because of an issue...

Microsoft Edge scrolling to improve thanks to new screen refresh rate boost option

Microsoft is working on a new option to improve the scrolling behavior in its Edge browser. The option to boost screen refresh rate is so far only available in the Edge Canary channel via a flag. The new option allows Edge browser to use variable...

Microsoft Edge to get an interesting “Games Panel” feature [First look]

Microsoft has been working hard to keep its new Chromium-based Edge browser updated with new features. Now, a new and interesting feature "Games Panel" has become available in the Canary channel for Edge insiders. Screenshots of the Games Panel for Microsoft Edge provide with the...

Microsoft Edge 97 comes to Beta channel with new features. Full changelog

Microsoft has released Edge version 97 to the Beta channel. The release versionĀ 97.0.1072.21 brings new features and improvements with itself. On Edge version 97, users can be signed into websites automatically using current profile. It will also allow opening of digitally signed PDF files. "Citations"...

Microsoft announces Clarity Boost for Xbox Cloud Gaming on Edge browser

Microsoft has announced an interesting new feature for Xbox Cloud gaming. The new feature known as "Clarity Boost" is available only for Edge browser for now. Clarity Boost provides the optimal look and feel while playing Xbox games from the cloud. For using the feature...

Microsoft Edge 96 comes to Beta channel with new features & improvements. Full changelog

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge version 96 has now landed in the Beta channel. The build 96.0.1054.8 for Beta channel brings many new features and changes along with itself. The major changes and features include launching PWA directly via protocol links, Math Solver, scrolling improvements for PDF...

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