Microsoft Edge available to download from store on Windows 11

Microsoft seems to have made Microsoft Edge browser available for Windows 11 via its apps store. Microsoft Edge browser app is now available and can be downloaded on PCs running Windows 11 from store. The developer name is mentioned as "Microsoft Corporation II" that may...

Microsoft Edge gets Windows 11 visual change, new share tool & many other features & changes in Dev channel

Microsoft Edge has received a new build in the Dev channel. The build 93.0.946.1 brings many new changes and features including Windows 11 visual change flag, new sharing menu, new PWA installation dialog, hide title bar, Quiet notifications and others. You can read the full...

Updated Microsoft Edge roadmap reveals many new features coming in future versions

Microsoft has updated its official features roadmap for Microsoft Edge today. The roadmap lists lots of new features coming to Microsoft Edge in future versions. Some of these feature like Tab groups and hiding the title bar are already known. So, here is the official...

Microsoft Edge gets new sharing menu with add email address option

Microsoft Edge has added a brand new sharing menu in the Canary channel. The new sharing menu also brings a new option of adding email addresses. The new feature is part of Canary Build 93.0.931.0 and is being rolled-out in a controlled manner, so won't...

Microsoft Outlook extension available for Microsoft Edge now

Microsoft has made official Outlook extension available for the Microsoft Edge now. The extension is now available and can be installed by clicking on the link below. The extension adds the outlook icon in the top bar, clicking on which pops up a window. This...

Microsoft Edge V93 brings new features to Windows & Mac in Dev channel

Microsoft Edge Dev Update
Microsoft has released Edge browser version 93 to the Dev channel. The Build 93.0.910.5 brings some new features to both Windows 10 and Mac users. For Windows 10 users it adds the share option to the … menu in PWAs and websites installed as...

Microsoft Edge for iOS updated with ability to sync history and set default browser

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft is now rolling out a new update to the Microsoft Edge browser. The latest update to Microsoft Edge is rolling out on the iOS platform. The update to Microsoft Edge browser brings some new features and improvements over the previous one. Speaking of the...

Microsoft Edge gets automatic https, ability to pin menus, PWAs menu changes & much more with new Dev build

Microsoft Edge has received a new build in the Dev channel. The new Edge build is 92.0.902.2 and it brings many new features, changes and lots of improvements with itself. Microsoft has explained that automatic https switching is available as a controlled roll-out for both Dev...

Google Chrome may add a toggle between Tab hover cards & traditional tooltips soon

Google may soon add a new toggle to Chrome browser that will allow to switch between Tab hover cards and traditional tab tooltips. Chrome 91 removed the flag that allowed to disable the Tab hover cards but the change was not welcomed by everyone. But...

Microsoft Edge stable gets flag to hide title bars & many other features with version 91

Microsoft Edge has received the version 91 update in the stable channel. The new Edge version brings many new features to anyone using the Microsoft Edge stable version. While Microsoft has detailed all new features there is one feature that is not listed in the...

Microsoft Edge PWA apps to get a redesigned menu

Microsoft is planning to bring a redesigned and more organized menu to Edge PWAs and sites installed as an app. The menu redesign is available in Canary channel only. The new menu not only has better organization but also brings some new options. The new menu...

Microsoft Edge gets a mini-Menu, Password health & in-built dictionary features

Microsoft Edge has received some interesting new features in the Canary channel. There is a mini context sensitive menu with in-built dictionary that is now available on all pages. There is also a new feature related to passwords that tells you whether the password...


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