Microsoft is working on a new option to improve the scrolling behavior in its Edge browser. The option to boost screen refresh rate is so far only available in the Edge Canary channel via a flag.

The new option allows Edge browser to use variable “screen refresh rate” to smoothen page scrolling.

As one can see in the screenshot above the flag “Boost screen refresh rate when scrolling” can be enabled in Canary channel. If the dynamic screen refresh rate is enabled in Windows settings Microsoft Edge will temporarily boost refresh rate when page scrolling takes place.

For this to work there are some hardware requirements though. The PC should have a VRR display panel. You can check the Refresh rate panel by going to Display settings.

  1. Select the Start button, then enter settings. Select Settings > System > Display > Advanced display.

  2. Choose the refresh rate with “dynamic” next to s. Dynamic refresh rates will increase the refresh rate automatically when you’re inking and scrolling, and then lower it when you’re not doing these types of things. This helps to save battery and provide a smoother experience.