Microsoft has been updating its Edge browser with the Windows 11 specific design elements including Mica. It has now added the Mica material to even the Vertical Tabs in Canary channel.

Microsoft enthusiast account Firecube has shared a screenshot on Twitter. The screenshot below reveals Mica material added to Vertical Tabs in Canary channel of Microsoft Edge. 

If you are not aware about the Mica material, Microsoft defines it as a new opaque material subtly tinted by Desktop’s background color.

Mica is a new opaque material introduced in Windows 11. Mica surfaces are subtly tinted with the user’s desktop background color.

Mica is mode aware; it supports both light and dark modes. Mica also indicates window focus with active and inactive states as a built in feature.

Windows 11 design materials also include Acrylic and Smoke. Microsoft Edge users have been waiting patiently for more Windows 11 specific UI/UX design updates in the Edge browser.