Microsoft may be planning to add a new Sidebar to the Edge browser. A new leaked image reveals the existence of the sidebar that looks good and like a redesigned version of existing Edge bar.

Coming to details now, a new image leaked on Twitter reveals that soon Edge browser will feature a well-designed Sidebar. The sidebar will provide features like quick search and may be an extension of the Edge toolbar for other quick actions.

Microsoft Edge already has a Edge bar that can be launched by going to 3-dot Menu–>More Tools–>Launch Edge bar. But the sidebar shown in image looks like a redesigned version of the Edge bar. It looks more modern and built using Windows 11 materials.

The Sidebar also seems merged in the browser itself as a part of it, while Edge bar always launches as a standalone bar. Edge Bar currently has search and icons for URL shortcuts belonging to Outlook, LinkedIn, MSN. The new Sidebar will have Search, Collections, Favorites, PDF, Outlook, Profile and more icons for related actions, it seems.

The image shows that the new Sidebar may be an option to hide it easily. There may also be option to add more Browser actions/options to the sidebar.