LinkedIn Learning is now a single place for your organization’s learning content

LinkedIn today announces a single platform for your organizations' learning content by which your employees will now be able to discover and access all of your organization’s learning content in an organized manner, reducing the complexities in searching for all of them.  In order for...

LinkedIn introduces bunch of new functionalities, now can provide a categorise job search results

LinkedIn today introduces some important changes to the LinkedIn Jos. The latest update focuses mainly on four different areas and that includes a new search experience, remote jobs search, and updates to LinkedIn Salary search. With the latest update, you can scroll through job details,...

LinkedIn adds a new feature similar to Tinder: How you match

LinkedIn which is now under Microsoft's canopy is all about creating new opportunities and discover relationships with people that matter. The popular social network platform built for professionals now have the feature where a job seeker will be able to know whether (s)he is...

LinkedIn introduces Trending Storylines to help you discover trending news and views on LinkedIn

Microsoft owned LinkedIn today announced a new experience that it is slowly rolling out for all the users on the platform, Trending Storylines. As you might have guessed, these are curated interest-based feeds about the most important developing stories the industry you are associated with. The...

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