In India EPFO website run by the government provides various services related to PF. The users with a PF account and valid activated UAN can use this site to do many things including e-nomination.

The e-nomination however is not being successful because of an issue with modern browsers that don’t allow Java plugins. So, users when try to e-sign the nominations they face many issues like “unexpected error” or “Technical error” and so on.

But, these errors can be mitigated using the IE or Internet explorer mode of Microsoft Edge. I was able to use this mode to successfully e-sign my PF nomination at EPFO website. Here is how you can use the IE mode of Microsoft Edge for using the EPFO website.

Step 1:

Go to Microsoft Edge settings–>Default browser and add the EPFO site address “Member Home (” to the “Internet explorer mode pages”. This will ensure that the site will always load in IE mode when you browse it in Microsoft Edge.

Step 2: Go to the EPFO site “Member Home (” in Microsoft Edge. Once it loads in IE mode then try to do the e-sign for Pending nomination. It may take more than one attempt provided Aadhar and EPFO server connections were shaky at times. But it ultimately works.