A tip from one of our tipsters, who doesn’t want to get his name revealed, puts a 20th December release date for Lumia 929 in US. Lumia 929 is a Verizon bound Nokia Flagship device which is supposed to run on Snapdragon 800 and will have 5-inch 1080p display making it the windows Phone with sharpest display ever. It will also boast of a 20 MP camera the same unit seen on Lumia 1520. If you want to check more of its specs you can head over to Lumia 929 page at NPU. The tipster also says that unlike Lumia 928 it will come with FM Radio support.

There has been many rumors and changes in rumored the release dates for Lumia 929 in past and keeping that in mind we suggest not to get your hopes too high. After all it is just a tip!!