apps.64309.9007199266308832.a8aedb69-7243-4fe1-b69e-e81ee82f0925.92050bd9-c96c-403c-8ba1-db6b996c07bbAdidas and Microsoft brings a new Universal Windows 10 app for their miCoach fitness app. This app allows users to track their workout history, browse their user profile and much more right from a Windows 10 device.

miCoach train & run BETA Features:

– complete user interface overhaul: be surprised, the look & feel has many different variations.

– sign-up/log-in

– workout history

– fitsmart pair & sync

– shoe tracker

– miCoach blog

– user profile

– app settings

Since the app is universal, it should work across Windows 10 desktop and mobile.


– the app does not support “working-out” yet.

– the app has not been tested against win10 mobile yet.

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