adobe xd

Adobe’s next big announcement is coming right through the Windows 10 users. Adobe has released its first beta of Adobe XD for Windows 10 PC and is now available for download.

If you are new to Adobe XD, it is an all-in-one cross-platform tool for designing and prototyping websites and mobile apps.

You can draw, reuse, and remix vector and raster artwork to create wireframes, screen layouts, interactive prototypes, and production-ready assets all in the same app.


After downloading Adobe XD for Windows 10, you’ll find a core set of features for designing and prototyping websites and mobile apps. However, if you get stuck, be sure to check out the built-in tutorial file located in the Help menu. You can also watch these tutorials for an overview.

Adobe XD on Windows 10 is a Universal Windows app and only works on the machine with the “Anniversary Update” installed (64-bit).

Here is the list of features that are currently supported:

  • Draw vector icons and artwork
  • Basic text support
  • artboard create, align, distribute
  • Group, lock, align, distribute, z-order, and measurements
  • Repeat Grid
  • Color picker, eyedropper & swatches
  • Prototypes with interactions & animations
  • Desktop preview
  • Export PNG
  • Import PNG, JPG, and GIF

Adobe promises to push regular updates for the product over the coming months so that we get feature parity across the macOS and Windows 10 versions as quickly as possible. If you want to keep an eye on the latest features as they are added, visit this page