As CEO Satya Nadella often says that Microsoft services should work on all the devices, now it looks like the company’s CEO meant every word of it. Microsoft is finally bringing Movies & TV app to Android and iOS. Although it not the first time Microsoft is making efforts on the rivals’ platform. Microsoft Launcher and Office apps are some of the glorious examples of the effort the company puts in to serve the customers.

After the demise of Groove Music Pass, a lot of people criticise Microsoft move and even went on to claim that Movies & TV is next to be discontinued until there were some rumors which rubbish the claim. Whatever, Movies & TV is not going anywhere folks! It is here to stay and unlike Groove Music Pass, Microsoft is serious with the video streaming service. It might not become the Netflix but at least the efforts are worth the appreciation.

There is more! According to Windows Central, Microsoft is planning to join the Movies Anywhere program soon. Those who are not aware, it basically allows you to stream any movie irrespective of the platform. Means that you will be able to buy movies from the Google Play store and then can stream it on Movies & TV app. Both Apple and Google are already a part of the program. The absence of Microsoft is probably due to the Mobile disaster it went through.

Anyways, do remember that Microsoft is currently working on the app and did say even a word on this. So don’t expect the app anytime soon and also we don’t have any time frame for the same.