If you are a regular user of Microsoft Azure Portal, you know the only current interface available to public is a graphical one. However, this is likely to change as Microsoft is working on something called “Azure Cloud Console” for the Azure Portal.

Microsoft has built an integrated workflow that will enable users to build applications on Azure using graphical and command line tools, even on devices where command line tools aren’t installed.

The shell is integrated into the portal so users can quickly drop into a command line experience while simultaneously viewing their cloud resources in the graphical web interface.

This is a command line based interface that runs on top of the usual graphical one giving users more leverage while working/deploying applications to the web or virtual machines.

Microsoft notes:

Traditional cloud user interfaces have been divided into either a web-based graphical interface or a command line terminal interface. Each of these interfaces provide their utility and different users prefer different interfaces for different tasks. However, most Azure users use both interfaces to manage their applications on Azure.  Much like developing code before integrated development environments like Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code, switching between these interfaces requires switching between applications, a context switch that slows users and makes it harder to accomplish their goals.  In some cases, (for example tablets and other mobile devices) a terminal interface may not even be available and a user may have to switch devices.

The key features of this experience are:

  • Automatic authentication to the command line tools from your existing web login
  • All Azure command line tools, as well as relevant command line utilities pre-installed
  • Personalized, persistent workspace that preserves your code, configuration and activity across cloud shell sessions.

Head to this link, if you want to get a sneak peak demo of this new feature.

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