Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure SQL Data Warehouse in four more regions—Germany Central, Germany Northeast, Korea Central, and Korea South.

With this addition, the SQL Data Warehouse worldwide availability reaches 27 regions which is more than any other major cloud provider.

The general availability of SQL Data Warehouse provides an availability SLA of 99.9%, and is the only public cloud data warehouse service that offers an availability SLA to customers. Geo-Backups support has also been added to enable geo-resiliency of your data, allowing SQL Data Warehouse Geo-Backup to be restored to any region in Azure.

SQL Data Warehouse is your go-to SQL-based fully managed, petabyte-scale cloud solution for data warehousing. SQL Data Warehouse is highly elastic, enabling you to provision in minutes and scale capacity in seconds. You can scale compute and storage independently, allowing you to burst compute for complex analytical workloads or scale down your warehouse for archival scenarios, and pay based off what you’re using instead of being locked into predefined cluster configurations. Unlike other cloud data warehouse services, SQL Data Warehouse offers the unique option to pause compute, giving you even more freedom to better manage your cloud costs.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is generally available across the following regions:

North Europe, North Central US, Central US, East US, East US 2, South Central US, West Central US, West US, West US 2, Canada Central, Canada East, West Europe, Germany Central, Germany Northeast, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia Southeast, Central India, South India, China East, China North, Japan East, and Brazil South.

Germany Central, Germany Northeast, Korea Central, Korea South, North Europe, Japan East, Brazil South, Australia Southeast, Central US, East US, East US 2, South Central US, West Central US, West US, West US 2, West Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Central India, South India, Canada Central, and Canada East.