Windows Subsystem

Microsoft recently released Redstone 3 Build 16176 for Insiders on the Fast Ring. There were no new features or noticeable changes made to the overall operating system apart from some bug fixes and etc.

However, since Windows 10 now carries a native Bash Shell, it has certainly been improved and introduces some new features and file-system improvements etc.

The most notable improvement is the serial support on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). If you are on the latest Windows Insider build, WSL now allows access to serial devices (COM) ports.

Here is the full changelog.

  • Enabled serial support
  • Added IP socket option IP_OPTIONS [GH 1116]
  • Implemented pwritev function (while uploading file to nginx/PHP-FPM) [GH 1506]
  • Added IP socket options IP_MULTICAST_IF & IPV6_MULTICAST_IF [GH 990]
  • Support for socket option IP_MULTICAST_LOOP & IPV6_MULTICAST_LOOP [GH 1678]
  • Added IP(V6)_MTU socket option for apps node, traceroute, dig, nslookup, host
  • Added IP socket option IPV6_UNICAST_HOPS
  • Filesystem Improvements
    • Allow mounting of UNC paths
    • Enable CDFS support in drvfs
    • Correctly handle permissions for network file systems in drvfs
    • Add support for remote drives to drvfs
    • Enable FAT support in drvfs
  • Additional fixes and Improvements

For more information, head to the source page.