As per a report originating from Taiwan, PC shipments have seen some sort of rebound in the year 2017. In Q4 2017, Notebook ODMs like Compal Electronics and Inventec reported better than expected shipments of PCs to the PC vendors.

While the ODM vendors expected the shipments to fall in Q4 2017 it, in fact, remained flat from Q3 2017. The report cites market watchers commenting that PC demand was better than expected in 2017. The growth in PC market was led by better than expected performance in Q3 and Q4 2017.

Compal originally expected its fourth-quarter-2017 PC shipments to decrease sequentially, but the company ended up shipping 10.4 million units in the quarter, flat from the third quarter.

Some market watchers pointed out that PC demand was better than expected in 2017 with growths mainly coming from the second half.

So, PC shipments have not dropped in 2017 and rather gained a bit while Tablets have seen a decline and Smartphone shipments have seen dwindling growth rates. This is quite an interesting trend keeping in mind that Tablets were supposed to replace PCs and now while PC shipments see rebound, Tablets are slowly going out of favor.