If you are someone who has made fitness/exercise this year’s resolution and want to keep track of these newly formed goals, then Bing wants to be your best friend on your fitness journey.

To help you achieve goals and overcome daily challenges, the Bing team has come up with a set of search experiences that would make it easier for you to meet your health and fitness resolutions.

Fitness & Exercise

Search for ‘workouts‘ or ‘exercises‘ and you will find a broad option of exercise videos that you can navigate to on the web or further refine your search results based on your preferences.

Bing exercises

You can also search for ‘yoga exercises‘ or ‘Pilates exercises‘ and narrow-down your results by difficulty level, target area, or focus.
Bing yoga exercises

Eating Healthy

You can search based on your preferences or needs, for example ‘low fat recipes‘ or ‘low fat stew recipes’. Once you find and click on a recipe, click on the ‘Nutrients’ tab to get a preview of information, including calories, carbs, fat, and more. And you can go to the source for all the information.

The food search experiences are even richer with the Bing app allowing you to glimpse over preparation times and the calorie counts of the most popular recipes and quickly finding something that suits your taste.


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