BlinkMicrosoft research has announced an update for the Blink app which is one the best “Burst” mode capture application on any platform. What makes Blink different from other burst mode apps is the fact that it captures images before you even press the shutter and then continues to capture images after you’ve taken your shot and helps you find the best shot or action. It also creates a short animated “Blink” that can be shared to Facebook, Twitter or on Socl. Have a look at the new features below,

  • Fresh new look: New branding and refreshed UI elements throughout the app.
  • New tutorial: To help people get started with Blink, the app now includes a tutorial that walks through how to use the app.
  • Dual modes: Switch easily between two modes – Blink mode to edit and share your animations, and still mode to save and share the perfect shot.
  • Focus lock: Tap on the screen to lock focus in that the region. Now no matter where you move the phone, that region will automatically be re-focused (a favorite new feature of mine!).
  • Better stabilization: The image alignment algorithm has been improved so that all your Blinks play without any camera shake or jitter.
  • Quick jump gallery view: A new gallery view has been added in the Blink roll for people to quickly jump through their captured Blinks.
  • Live Tile: If you have Blink pinned to your Start screen on your Windows Phone, the tile will now show images from some of your previously captured Blinks.

Install link