Windows Server

Microsoft has announced that Windows Server is joining the Windows Insider program. This will put developers at the fore-front of new technologies before released to the general public just like the company has been doing with Windows 10 operating system.

Last year, Microsoft released Windows Server 2016, after shaping and refining the experience and functionality together. However, with Windows Insider program for Windows Server, you as an Insider can download and get access to Windows Server builds (including container images) more frequently to test new features and fixes.

In addition, Microsoft is bringing the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), commonly known as Bash on Windows, to Windows Server. This will ensure that customers have a great experience managing and building Linux containers.

This unique combination allows developer and application administrators to use the same scripts, tools, procedures and container images they have been using for Linux containers on their Windows Server container host. These containers use our Hyper-V isolation technology combined with your choice of Linux kernel to host the workload while the management scripts and tools on the host use WSL.

Here are some more future improvements you can expect to arrive with the Insider builds for Windows Server this Summer.

  • Container-optimized Nano Server images to the Docker Hub
  • Support for Linux containers
  • Container Orchestration
  • Container Storage
  • SMB storage for containers

For a detailed view of What’s new in Windows Server 2016, visit this page on Microsoft docs