We usually bring to you camera comparison between top-end devices from various YouTube channels. However this time we got hold of this camera comparison by channel “Fonetick“. Lumia 1320 is Nokia’s extra-large mid-range ambition with 5 MP camera. Its closet competitor is the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 which boasts of 8 MP camera.

Lumia 1320 has some serious advantages over its competitor with 3400 mAH battery vs 2,600mAh, 6-inch vs 5.25 inch display with Gorilla Glass protection, Windows Phone 8 update support vs Android’s unreliable update support and Nokia quality vs Samsung quality. But specs wise Galaxy Grand 2 has its own advantages, like 8 MP cam vs 5 MP cam, 1.5 GB RAM vs 1 GB RAM, Quad-core vs Dual-core. Though when you throw in Windows Phone 8’s smoothness vs Android’s rough edges, all the processor specs hardly matter and remember even Lumia 520 runs smoother than most of Androids.

So, now coming to camera quality, which do you think should be better? The video we bring to you today, demos how the 5 MP camera of Lumia 1320 capture clearer and sharper images than 8 MP camera of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 in most of the conditions. This is not a very scientific comparison though and some sets like the ‘golf ball one’ could have been done in a better way.