windows 10

Microsoft in a blog stated that a new skill is being added to the ever growing list of skills of Cortana, most personal digital assistant.

This new skill will be your best friend this holiday season as it will help you to stay organized and never miss out on anything whether it is shopping, buying gifts or picking up things from a grocery store, things will get done before you head out.

You can use your voice or type to quickly create a new list, add to an existing list and pull up your lists just when you need them on any device. Check it out for yourself by saying “Hey Cortana, create a Holiday list”.

Cortana will automatically start a Grocery, To Do and Shopping list for you so it’s easy to get started.

If you are a Wunderlist user, Cortana also integrates with it to offer a deeper functionality, to give you even more ways to make lists and stay organized.

You can connect Cortana to your Wunderlist account or set up a new account for greater functionality and access to the lists you already have if you’re a current Wunderlist user.  Connecting to Wunderlist gives you the ability to add due dates to your To Dos and create shared lists from the Wunderlist app

The service which is now rolling out on Windows 10, Android and iPhone is only available in the US, with more regions to be covered later.

Do you use Cortana on your phone? Let us know in the comments below.