Cortana, Microsoft’s popular digital personal assistant has got an update which has increased it’s productivity. In this update, the team has provide a very  unique feature by which Cortana is now providing results based on categories & filters. This update has been set to the PC version of Cortana with which it is showing results in filtered way. There will be 4 options for you Apps, Settings, Files  & Web . Earlier we had on;y two tabs naming My Stuff & Web. These two categories were available on the bottom. After the update, these categories have been moved to top instead of bottom which we had.


This is a positive change & with this it seems like Microsoft is very serious about Cortana’s integration to Windows 10  PC. The company wants it to be as productive as possible. They also introduced some important feature like sending message from from Phone using your PC with Cortana. The PC & Phone should be running on the same Microsoft account.

There is n official words about this update from Microsoft but users who are in different region are claiming that they have got this feature.

Kindly let us know if you find this feature updated to your PC. This will be helpful to other readers as well.