Quick heads-up!! Many game titles from EA (Electronic Arts) are on sale at Windows Phones store. Go and grab them from link at the bottom.

Some of them viz. Contre Jour, Flight Control Rocket, Spy Mouse, Storm in a Teacup, Vampire Rush, and Zuma’s Revenge are all on sale for 99 cents.

EA Games link


Coming to device deals, we are sharing Microsoft’s 12 days of deals (Dec 9-Dec 20) for US market. As you can see in the leaked list above, first 20 buyers today can get their hands on a Lumia 1020 for free. Other buyers can still get Lumia 1020 for $100 less than the normal offer of $199.The next offer is on Lumia 1520 and next date is 18 Dec, when one can buy AT&T Lumia 1520 for free (First 20 buyers again).

12 Day Microsoft store deal link