Desktop Bridge

At the Windows Developer Day, Kevin Gallo took the stage to share some of the developer-focused features that are shipping with the Windows 10 Creators Update, later this year.

The new capabilities and tools will empower developers to unlock the full power of the Universal Windows Platform, around the world. So, whether you are building for enterprise, games or anything in-between, the Universal Windows Platform should be your passion to build technology, and great experiences.

Kevin also talked about the Desktop Bridge for Windows, which enables existing desktop applications (Win32) to call UWP APIs and to be distributed and updated via the Windows Store.

The Desktop Bridge makes it easier than ever to share code between Win32, .NET and UWP, taking advantage of the store’s ability to deliver easy and automated upgrades to help ensure that customers are always running the latest and best versions of their apps.

There are more than 330 Windows apps and games available in the store taking the advantage of Desktop bridge like Evernote, Photoscape X Pro and KODI etc. All these apps utilize modern Windows capabilities delivered in UWP, while still retaining their existing technology and code investments. This has been possible just in the first four months of availability.

You can get started using these today by becoming a Windows Insider or downloading the latest preview SDK, which is feature complete to light up new features in your already existing apps or create all new apps.