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OneLocker Password Manager Update Adds MEGA backup + sync support

OneLocker Password Manager on Windows 10 is receiving a useful update in the Windows Store. For those who are not familiar, OneLocker is the most complete, powerful and feature-packed Universal password manager for Windows...
Windows Template Studio

Microsoft releases Windows Template Studio 1.2 (Full Changelog)

Microsoft has released a yet another major update for its wizard-based extension/tool called Windows Template Studio. The latest release 1.2 brings a number of wizard improvements, template improvements as well as the process improvements. For those...
Windows Template Studio

Jumpstart your UWP app development with Windows Template Studio

Remember App Studio? Well, Microsoft has taken the same approach and announced Windows Template Studio. The new Windows Template Studio provides an easy way to jump start your application project to target Universal Windows Platform,...
ad mediation service

Microsoft’s ad mediation service is now available to all UWP developers

Microsoft has announced the general availability of its ad mediation service. This is a federated cloud based ad mediation service, which empowers developers to grow revenue by serving ads within their application. It works...
Desktop Bridge

These apps are taking the best advantage of Desktop Bridge for Windows

At the Windows Developer Day, Kevin Gallo took the stage to share some of the developer-focused features that are shipping with the Windows 10 Creators Update, later this year. The new capabilities and tools will...

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