ad mediation service

Microsoft has announced the general availability of its ad mediation service. This is a federated cloud based ad mediation service, which empowers developers to grow revenue by serving ads within their application. It works with a variety of ad networks that serve ads in various formats (banner, interstitial video, interstitial banner, native), and thus helps a developer to maximize the yield with apps written using the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

The ad mediation service along with the Microsoft Advertising SDK are the two key components of Microsoft’s new ad monetization platform that dynamically optimizes ad network configurations to drive the highest yield for the developers and deliver innovative ad experiences for consumers.

The ad mediation service has several advantages over the traditional methods for serving ads from different networks. Here’s a short table with the details.

 Microsoft ad mediation serviceClient side mediationAd network SDK integration
SDK supportSingle SDKMultiple SDKMultiple SDK
Yield OptimizationAutoManualManual
Provisioning with Ad NetworksAutoManualManual
Unified Reporting including all participating ad networksYesNoNo
Unified Payout including all participating ad networksYesNoNo

The ad mediation service comes with features like risk and fraud detection, sending richer signals to advertisers and reliable reporting.

The service is currently available to developers of UWP (Universal Windows Platform) applications built using the latest version of the Microsoft Advertising SDK (10.0.2 or higher).

Fore detailed information and instructions, please visit this page