Disqus Beta

Disqus Beta has received a new update for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 mobile. the latest update version is 4.0.17 which brings lots of fixes. Checkout the full cahngelog below.

Disqus Beta Changelog:

• A new image uploader to make it easier to add images to your comments.
• Popups have been restyled to look more polished.
• Some other small design changes/improvements, including on article reader, new discussion form, and discussions.
• The help/about page is now more easily accessible from the menu.
• Fixed an issue where blocking a user would not block all their comments in a discussion.
• Fixed an issue where “Show 1 New Comment” would appear when you posted on a discussion.
• Fixed an issue where the profile URL would be erased during the login/onboarding.
• Fixed an issue where changing some settings caused multiple “Restart” popups to appear.
• Fixed an issue where the “Follow” button wouldn’t toggle off when unfollowing a Channel.
• Fixed an issue where a user could receive multiple toast notifications for a single reply.

You can download the updated app from the given link below.

Disqus Beta
Disqus Beta
Developer: Disqus
Price: Free