Many enthusiasts have already installed the Windows 11 build leaked yesterday. So, we have more to share today including all 32 Windows 11 wallpapers in high-quality. Yes, these 32 wallpapers include touch keyboard theme wallpapers too.

You can click here to go to the folder (Via) and download all of them and get a feeling of Windows 11 on your Windows 10 machine.

Windows 11 seems to have snapped a cool new way to multitask with many Windows. It is easy to snap the Windows with options popping up with just a hover over the maximize button. Check the screenshot below that shows the new multitasking method of Windows 11 (Via).

Short videos shared on Twitter demo the new Windows 11 touch gestures and Windows resizing animations. Touch gestures look nice but may help more refinement. The Windows resizing animations look really neat, however.