Microsoft has released Windows 10 Redstone Build 14352 to Insiders in Fast ring today. You can read what the build brings in terms of changes, new features and fixes by clicking here. Also read all fixes and known issues of the build by clicking here. Now in case you want to download official ISO images of the Build 14352 in English, Chinese, Russian and Spanish languages then either you can download 3rd party ISO images from links provided below, or you can download official ESDs and convert them to ISO with help of our tutorial.

Build 14352 ISO download links:

English ISO:

Russian ISOs:
Spanish ISO:
Chinese ISO:


Official ESDs downloaded from official links of Windows 10 Build 14352 have been posted on Twitter and you can download the ESD files and convert them as shown in our step by step tutorial here.

Build 14352 ESD links:

Click on the below link to download as many as 20 ESDs for Windows 10 Build 14352.

ESD collection link