XSpot for Windows 10 Edit

If you are finding it hard to get those beautiful Windows Spotlight pictures from the lock-screen and save it somewhere on the desktop for reuse, then you should try out XSpot for Windows 10.

XSpot is available in the Microsoft Store and allows users to download all the beautiful images used in Windows Spotlight or export it from your local storage with few simple steps.

You can also share the image or set it as your wallpaper with one click!

The application is straightforward to use.

Once installed, open the app and input the number of images you want to retrieve from the service and click Go button.

XSpot for Windows 10

The free version, however, ONLY allows 10 images to view at a time and if you want to retrieve more, you can buy the Premium version of the app which gives you more choice like:

  • Multi selection capabilities
  • Export images in PNG or BMP
  • Grab up to 100 images in Spotlight service page
  • Grab images in portrait orientation.

Even though the Premium version of the app feels good, the free version will do okay for most users because it can continuously retrieve the images from the service with each retry, with no bar.

So, once you find the image you are looking for, export it as JPG by clicking on ‘Export selected images” button at at the bottom of the app and save it to desktop, for instance.

Find the app in the Microsoft Store by following the link below and let us know in the comments whether you are a fan of Spotlight images or not.

Developer: Riandika Lumaris
Price: Free