Windows 10


We earlier reported about Windows 10 Mobile packing a “LXCore.sys” along with the Astoria Android Subsytem know as ADSS.sys. Now, the latest preview build of Windows 10, Build 14251 that is the first “OneCore” version of Windows 10 released to Insiders seems to have LXCore.sys and Lxss.sys.

LXSS may very well be the “Linux Sub-Sytem” as it is similar to ADSS (Android Subsytem ) in terms of nomenclature used by Microsoft.

This is very interesting finding and it may mean either comeback of Astoria in future in some other way and may also mean that Microsoft wants to use Android apps on PC or may be Tablets too. Or, it may mean something totally different and may be Microsoft is toying with idea of having Linux system support for some future project.

Thanks Ron & Raj for the tip. Cheers!!