Microsoft in a blog post today announced the experimental support for Noke-ChakraCore for macOS.

Earlier at the NodeSummit, experimental support for Node-ChakraCore was announced for Linux OS.

In case the words ChakraCore are not familiar. Let me put a small introduction.

ChakraCore is the open-source JavaScript engine that powers Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 apps. It supports JIT compilation, garbage collection, and a wide range of the latest JavaScript features.


Node-ChakraCore is a project to enable Node.js to optionally build and run on Edge’s Chakra JavaScript engine. Chakra Shim, which is a layer on top of the Chakra JS Engine, enables building and running Node.js with ChakraCore.

Bringing cross-platform support to Node-ChakraCore has been a key goal for Microsoft from the beginning.

Along the lines, Microsoft is also bringing a neat new feature that is “Time Travel Debugging with Reverse Continue” for VS Code on Windows.

One of the key internal guiding principles for us involved in the Node-ChakraCore project is to bring innovation to help advance the Node.js ecosystem. In that vein, we demoed a preview of Time-Travel debugging using VSCode earlier this year. This feature allows developers to capture trace of a running Node process, and then visualize the code execution inside of VSCode by stepping back in time. The “Step Back” functionality not only allows developers to understand the code execution path but also lets them inspect the runtime context using the typical debugger UI affordances.

This new feature is designed to work exactly like the “Debug Continue”, except that it goes backwards and is only available while debugging a TTD trace.

In addition, a preview of Time-Travel debugging is also available for experimental Linux and macOS.

If you want to give this a try, you can download it from the Nightly Build page here

Download VS Code