Facebook has stopped working on Windows Phone 8.1. A Reddit user found out that the app is not working on his Windows Phone 8.1. After searching the Windows Store he found out that the app itself was not there in the Store.

The above scenario is not something new to Windows Phone fans. We have seen a lot of prominent names pulling their apps not only from Windows 8.1 but also from entire Windows ecosystem. Microsoft’s very own Skype app no longer works on Windows Phone 8.1. The scenario with Skype is a bit different as compared to Facebook. The Skype app is there in the Windows store and can be downloaded but it does not work whereas Facebook is completely out of the Store.

It is worth noting that the Reddit user is not alone facing the problem. We have discovered the same thing on our Windows Phone running 8.1. Those who have Facebook installed on their Windows Phone devices can longer access facebook.

The news is not surprising at all as Windows Phone 8.1 long ago deprecated by Microsoft. In layman’s term Windows Phone 8.1 support cycle has ended a long time ago. We will see more and more companies doing the same thing with Windows 10 mobile as well as the support cycle for Windows 10 mobile is approaching.