Now that Windows 10 October update has released, reports are pouring on the Intenet about various issues regarding the major update. I myself is a Windows Insider and faced the issue multiple times. I faced the issue twice while updating my main machine which receives updates like most of the other Windows computers in this world. That means Windows update stucks in downloading even if you are not associated with the Windows Insider program. So, without wasting your valuable time, let me get straight to the point! Try the below solutions to get things going.

Check your Internet connection

Many lose their mind when they come across something as simple as this. Let me tell you one thing! Before you do anything stupid to your computer, you should always check if the fundamentals are working. Your Windows update could be stuck at downloading if you don’t have a healthy Internet connection. So, before you take the next step make sure to check that out.

Delete temp files and perform a restart

To delete Temp files you need to press Win key+I-> System-> Storage-> Click on free up space now. This should take you to the desired destination. From there you will be able to remove all your temp files. After deleting them perform a restart and try to download it once again.

Official tool from Microsoft

Yes, you are right! Microsoft has a tool for you. Microsoft update troubleshooter is a Win32 program that finds the culprit and can offer you some solutions there. The tool is available Windows 7, 8.1 and of course Windows 10. Download an install the file, you are good to go.

 Command Prompt

Command Prompt is a great tool. Besides getting the job done, it also makes anyone look like a computer hacker. Jokes apart, this is probably the best way available to get things going from the scratch. You will be able to download the files again if you perform the following tutorials step-by-step.

  • Press Windows Key + X on the keyboard and then select “Command Prompt (Admin)” from the menu.
  • Type the following commands in the command prompt. Press the “ENTER” key after you type each command
  1. net stop wuauserv
  2. net stop cryptSvc
  3. net stop bits
  4. net stop msiserver
  • You should be careful while type those letters. You will proceed to the next command only after the current program finishes its job
  • If you are done with what was discussed above, go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution. Delete all the files under the SoftwareDistribution folder
  • Restart your computer and everything should work just fine